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Unless otherwise stated on the offer, whether you are a Business Network member or a visitor to this site you will be able to take advantage of the offers provided by our members.

Vu Online Ltd

Valid from 3rd November 2023 to 31st December 2023

Throughout December Vu are offering three, free workshops to members of The Business Network Exeter, on a first come first serve basis. These workshops last 2-3 hours, with us and your team unpicking your services, audience and co-creating routes to market.

Click to call 01803 866 430 Dom Cooper or email

Fresh Digital Media

Valid from 1st November 2023 to 29th February 2024

15% off Website, Digital Marketing and Social Media

Click to call 01752 295 875 Mark Field or email


Valid from 1st December 2021 to 1st January 2029

Free Offer There are no secrets to success, but there are best practices, and as a business develops it is often hard to know what to focus on, where to invest or how to balance conflicting pressures and requirements. To help solve this problem I have created a 'Business Maturity Assessment' that measures the relative performance of a business across six key domains: Vision & Strategy, Customers Markets & Products, Measurement & Control, People & culture, Financial Performance and Business Processes. This straightforward analysis is relevant for any B2B business from start-up to established enterprise. It creates insight that informs decision-making and acts as a fact-based checkpoint for founders and owners on a growth journey. Please reach out to me to learn more or to book a free assesment session.

Click to call 07920 236 814 Malcolm Nicholls or email

Winning Tenders Ltd

Valid from 1st July 2023 to 31st December 2023

Business Network members are offered a 25% discount on all Training Courses provided by Winning Tenders.

Click to call 01392 247 997 Philip Norman or email

Harbour International Freight Ltd

Valid from 1st August 2023 to 31st December 2023

5% off all UK mainland, Ireland and Northern Ireland palletised distribution

Click to call 0161 872 6875 Steve Swinburn or email

Portent Solutions Ltd

Valid from 21st July 2023 to 31st December 2023

In relation to Martyn's Law or the proposed Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill we offer free initial support to help you access all the freely available information and answer any questions you may have.

Click to call 07771 578 384 Brendan Greally or email

Peak Translations

Valid from 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2023

Saving the planet - one word at a time! Do you work in an industry that supports Environmental Sustainability. Are you involved in renewable energy or combatting climate change. Do your products or services help reduce carbon emissions or plastic pollution. This year our chosen charity is World Land Trust, an international conservation charity whose mission is to help people across the world protect and restore their land to safeguard biodiversity and the climate. We want to do our bit to help protect the environment and reduce emissions and we also want to help other companies to promote sustainability too. That's why, this year, we will be donating 5% of all profits from projects relating to environmental sustainability to our chosen charity. So, if you work in any of these sectors and need to get your message out to a foreign audience, whether it's a marketing message to promote your products or services, or a technical message to explain how your products work and the benefits they provide, why not get in touch and together we can do our bit to save the planet.

Click to call 01663 732 074 Helen Provart or email

Aniko Branding

Valid from 1st January 2023 to 1st January 2025

10% Discount on all services from Aniko Branding. Aniko Branding are also offering a free one hour brand consultation to see how we can make the most of your brand and what gaps we can fill.

Click to call 07717 779772 Jay Kingman or email

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I have to say The Business Network really does stand out from other networking groups and events. The dedication, commitment and professionalism that comes from your lead and direction attracts like-minded business people who are keen to talk and share ideas as opposed to paying lip service!
Liz Kendall
UKS Health Group Ltd
Joining The Business Network was one of the best moves I ever made. Through The Business Network, I have found a number of trusted suppliers and some very good customers. Not only that but the complimentary morning seminars are a valuable source of information on business trends and ideas.
Ian Smith
Winning Tenders Ltd
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