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This Network is as good as it gets. Hosted by the wonderful Helen Bennett it offers all kinds of businesses excellent network opportunities as well as support from Helen. The network lunches are always a positive experience and for me personally they have provided me with many new clients - and indeed friends.
Maggie Ford
Spring Rites Speaking Skills
North West


Seminar: To be announced
Presenter -
August: Online Event
Wednesday 11th
11:50 - Sign In 12:00 Start - 14:00 End
For our August business Networking event we will as a minimum meet online- option to meet face to face
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North West


Seminar: What happens when the Home Office comes knocking on your office door?
Presenter - Bee Rudki - Founder and Partner - The Nathanson Partnership
Did you know that the Home Office can send enforcement officers to your office and do a check on your staff/HR records and company information? This is to ensure that your employees have the legal right to work in the UK. Whether you are a small business, medium enterprise, work with contractors or a large organisation, this presentation will affect you.

Foreign workers ? including those from the EU, EEA and Switzerland ? must be sponsored to be able to work for your company. Whether they are presently working from home ? here or abroad ? you must comply with UK immigration law.

Bee Rudki, founding partner of UK immigration firm The Nathanson Partnership, will be explaining what you have to do and how an audit by the Home Office works. She will be providing guidance on compliance and advice on applying for a sponsor licence.
August: Online Event
Wednesday 18th
11:50 - Sign In 12:00 Start - 14:00 End
Seminar start time - 12.10 - 12.30
An online business networking event connecting business owners and directors from across the Manchester, London and Exeter business communities.
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North West

South Manchester

Seminar: A side hustle or just sustainable skincare? Who cares?
Presenter - Christine Colbert

Having launched my sustainable fashion boutique- Dress, that doubled in size during lockdown - thanks to shifting quickly to a ?direct social selling model?, I stumbled across Tropic - a UK brand of sustainable skincare. I know nothing about skincare, and I?d never heard of Tropic, but I quickly saw an ethical business opportunity rooted in something that is good for me and kind to our planet and animals too. My session explains why Tropic is good for you, good for your family and potentially a very good viable business opportunity that slots right into your spare time ? even if you have no spare time! I am not selling you anything, I am sharing an opportunity that might just change your life. I?ve never looked back.

What is Tropic?

What makes Tropic products unique, and why I chose to be part of it.

Why we should all question what we use on our skin (that?s the boys too!).

Why Tropic is not available in shops.

What?s the business opportunity?

How these products fit with my other businesses.

How much time you need to ?do Tropic?.

What you can earn from it. On the side, or even to find financial freedom.

I?m Christine Colbert, owner of Dress, owner of House and proud Ambassador of Tropic Skincare.

What we put on our skin really matters, it?s our biggest organ and whatever we expose it to, goes straight into our liver.

August: Live Event
Thursday 5th
11:30 Start - 14:00 End
Seminar start time - 10.30am
Mottram, Macclesfield
Networking for decision makers with some of the best connected people in Manchester
Venue web site
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