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What our members say...

A great group of people led by the highly motivational Tracy, ably supported by Hayley. All business leaders need motivation, guidance, the benefit of other local expertise to help them grow. This is exactly what the Chester business network offers.
Stephen Carroll
Investors In Marketing
North West


Seminar: The Power of the Pause
Presenter - Mandy Sinclair of Mandy Sinclair Coaching and Development

The Power of the Pause

Our amazing member Mandy Sinclair will host the July seminar.

A certified active coach, DISC practitioner, ICF member and Marshall Goldsmith Leadership assessment professional Mandy has transformed not only her life but those of many solopreneurs, Managers and Business owners.

Mandy believes that Coaching is about designing a different future that fits with your values and goals.

Recognising that many Business owners are great at planning their Business goals, Mandy has also seen the value of helping clients pause and take stock - this session will explore the benefits of pausing.

This session will help you understand all the benefits of taking regular breaks and how mindfulness can boost productivity and effectiveness. 

There will also be a chance to practise a reflection exercise that allows you build confidence, maximise learning and maintain resilience in our increasingly busy lives.

So if you need to STOP and pause and re assess the future this is the session for you!

To learn more call Tracy and lets figure out how we can help?
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July: Online Event
Thursday 8th
12:00 - Sign In 12:00 Start - 14:00 End
Seminar start time - Join us from 10:15 for a 10.30 start
Join us ahead of the summer holidays for our July Business Networking event. Our members and visitors are keen to network with you.
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North West


Seminar: Finding Your Inner Genius - Working from the Inside Out
Presenter - Bernadette Willems - Greater Manchester Mediation
You really do have everything you need to thrive and be happy and healthy, but you do not know or realise it. When you find yourself stuck, or facing a situation that feels out of your control or
insurmountable, what do you do? You strive, you battle, you work harder. You might blame your situation or circumstances. You then try to change the world around you. But then you get disappointed when things do not turn out the way you expected and worse still, you get more of the same. It does not have to be this way. Ask yourself a better set of questions and discover your inner genius. With a greater understanding of how your mind works, what you really want
and why you want it, you open up a world of untapped potential and possibility, your unique gifts, your inner genius. You are then able to take action and achieve success without fear of failure.

June: Online Event
Wednesday 23rd
11:50 - Sign In 12:00 Start - 14:00 End
Seminar start time - 12.10 - 12.30
An online business networking event connecting business owners and directors from across the Manchester, London and Exeter business communities.
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North West

South Manchester

Seminar: The Best of Both Worlds Presenting Tips Online and Face to Face
Presenter - Sonya O'Sullivan

We have all had to learn and fast! how to showcase our business and its benefits to potential clients by speaking online as well as face to face.  Some of us are now more comfortable speaking virtually, we feel safe in our own environments, whereas others cant wait to return to the energy and vibe of the networking room.  How do you make the Best of Both Worlds?

  • You get back what you give out ? how to be the perfect guest?  Zettiquette (online etiquette)
  • Exploring the differences between the two platforms ? and the barriers you may need to overcome?
  • Tips on visual aids and attention grabbers both online and F2F
  • Sharing Tools and Tips on how to hold your audiences attention both online and F2F. 
  • Keeping it concise and confident – Turn Up, Speak Up, Shut Up!

Having been an associate of the Professional Speakers Assoc. for many years and with 20 years business skills training experience, Sonya uses her knowledge and experience to deliver empathetic and encouraging presentation/public speaking programmes and coaching sessions.    From people so terrified of presenting that they cant catch their breath to more seasoned performers wanting to hone their skills, Sonya has helped literally hundreds of people to become more confident and competent at presenting and public speaking.

July: Live Event
Thursday 1st
12:00 Start - 14:00 End
Seminar start time - 10.30am
Manchester Road Knutsford
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